Dog Food

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We feed our puppies Paw Tree Real Chicken and Oatmeal. Please be sure to follow the link below (click on the picture) and get your puppy food ordered at least 10 days prior to picking your puppy up.It is also a good idea to be put on EZ ship so you will be entered into any drawings we might have and also to ensure you have quality pet food on hand no matter what is happening with the grocery store shelves.

Why Paw Tree? It is quite simple....too many recalls on commercial dog foods. Sick dogs, sick is just not worth the risk. It is tough trying to find a quality food that I can stand behind as a breeder. 

Tips on saving $ on the food:

1) Buy in bulk! 30 lb bag is actually 3 - 10 lb bags. So order more, less often to save on shipping.

2) Join the Paw club, and order 3 items you will use in order to get free shipping on your ez ship order.

3) Save a little by becoming a distributer. 

#1 is the best option in my opinion unless you are a retail supplier like a vet or boarding facility. You are ordering in bulk, paying less shipping (even if ordering every 3 mos) AND having it delivered to your door.

Another food we recommend (if you need to change your puppies diet after it gets a bit older is Lifes Abundance: ) 

The kibble is a bit bigger and our preferred blend is the grain free all stages. When ordering from this link, it will fulfil the terms of your contract as well. We do like to start everyone on Paw Tree though as the kibble is smaller and most puppies love it. Paw tree also offers more variety if your puppy for any reason doesnt do as well on a specific flavor.