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My adult dogs

Maggie and Sis Below.....

Below is Beetle Bug next to a 12 month old child, She is about 20lbs and a Miniature (technically a toy) Golden Retriever female bred by C and S Ranch

 Maggie and Sis again below:

 "Frankie" pictured below is our newest mini poodle male. He weighs about 8-10 lbs and will be used in "some" doodle litters but Peanut will be used on most.

 Lucy is our 25 lb toy golden retriever female that we will on occasion, use for petite goldendoodle puppies. Lucy is a gentle girl, and is sensitive by nature.

Kokomo English Cream Golden Retriever Male (Sire for Montana Teddy Bear Goldens) Pictured below:




Cherry pictured below: 16 lbs toy golden retriever female. Cherry has a happy and delightful personality.

Sweet little Shaloam below: (New pics to follow as she is all grown up now)


"Peanut" is our mini poodle male. He has a great hairdo and doesn't mind telling you so! Peanut is Skips son and is an awesome miniature poodle just like his dad was. Peanut throws sweet and fun dispositions on his puppies and anywhere from full nonshedding curl to almost straight coats. This gives us the versatility and variety to suit almost every "doodle" fan. Peanut is about 12lbs and is apricot in color.

"Stormy" (below) is one of our miniature golden retrievers. She weighs about 18 pounds and is an example of a miniature golden retriever.



"Olive" Pictured on the left:

94% Miniature golden retriever female weighs at about 37-45 lbs typically and will mostly be used for 97% (slightly smaller) Part English cream Teddy Bear Golden Retrievers.