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We are a large breeder of miniature golden retrievers. We spend most of our time raising those. They are both excellent tempered and beautiful little dogs that we have been creating for over 12 years.

Since we happen to have the very best miniature poodle male on the planet, (lol)  we have decided to raise a few litters of petite goldendoodles for local families only.

We do not have extra time to provide you with great customer service for the doodle puppies so we are pricing our puppies accordingly. Please do check out a few of our competitors if you would like better "customer" service.

If you would like a quality dog (just as good if not better than the competition) at an affordable price, (no extra hype or inflation) please bear with us and follow our rules.

1) We will only open litters at about 6-7 weeks of age. (start accepting deposits)

    a. The reason for this is we don't have the extra time and manpower to give you updated pictures, answer         questions throughout the whole process ect. We are very busy running our ranch (miniature cows, gypsy ponies ect)and handling our miniature golden retriever customers. (we ship those all over)

     b. That being said, you will be able to come, pick up your puppy right when it is ready to go. We save time on   customer service, you save money on a petite goldendoodle.

2) We do not accept visitors to our place at this time. We had someone jepoardize our entire kennel by bringing parvo to the property a few years back. We all have to work twice as hard to keep our puppies safe now.

   a) I Know what all the forums say....and many breeders are set up to cater to all of those whims. We just are not at this time.

   b) It is okay with us if you find another breeder that will follow all of the online questionaires. If you give us the questionaire, we might just decide to give you a questionaire of our own. ;)

3) If you want a guarantee, you will need to feed the recommended food, which you need to purchase right here on the site. Otherwise pups are sold as is.

4) You will be required to sign a spay or neuter contract as we do not allow breeding of our doodles. (be prepared)

    a) If you want to breed your doodle, go ahead and make your own small one and breed it. Or buy from one of our competitors. Ours are NOT to be bred and we will take legal action if you abuse this. 

5) If you are fine with all of these things, we will be happy to share one of our beautiful puppies with you.