Petite Goldendoodles

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Petite Goldendoodles

Are a 3 way mix (more like the Austrailian Golden and or Labradoodle) "petite" is not refering to a size but rather a "type" of doodle that is being bred. ALMOST ALL OF OUR DOGS HAVE BEEN BRED LIKE THIS FOR YEARS SO IF YOU KNOW ONE OF OUR PUPPIES, and what comes to mind is miniature goldendoodle due to size, THIS IS THE WAY IT WAS LIKELY CREATED! IF YOU LOVE IT......THEN YOU WILL MOST LIKELY LOVE ANY AND ALL OF OUR LITTERS. ALL OF OUR FEMALES ARE AWESOME AND OUR MALE THROWS AWESOME TEMPERAMENTS ON PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING HE BREEDS. PEANUT WAS HAND PICKED TO REPLACE HIS SIRE SKIP WHO was with us from the time he was 6 mos old until he passed at about 14 years old. WE HAVE HAD MANY YEARS UNDER OUR BELT OF BREEDING AWESOME PETITE GOLDENDOODLES! We don't call them miniature goldendoodles only because of the way that they are bred. They will totally look and act just like a miniature goldendoodle. However....technically they are petite goldendoodles.



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Please be advised that deposits are transferrable but nonrefundable. Don't even ask!



NOTICE: We will not transfer to another puppy if your puppy is 5  weeks or older. (Example: you choose a pup from one litter and then change when I post another litter.)


Shoot me an email

PLEASE SEE OUR "START HERE" PAGE to get some of your questions answered. 






 Last litter Born Mar 1st!  Price is $1500 

No puppies available at this time. Check back early August 2020 for the next batch.

OR you can now place a $50 non refundable deposit to be on our waiting list.

It works like this:

1) $50 deposit from Joe

2) $50 deposit from Suzie

3)......and so on...

All people on our list will get notified within the first week of a new litter being born. Then at 5 weeks, they get to choose if they want a puppy from that litter or wait for the next. They also will choose their puppy at 5 weeks prior to the remaining puppies being posted on the site. When you choose your puppy, you will confirm it by sending the other half of your deposit ($50) You will pay the rest, in cash at pickup (8 weeks) All other rules still apply.

If you do not wish to get on our list, that is okay. We are just doing this for a short period of time due to increased demand. We do have 2-3 litters on the way for 2020. 









See a video of Maggies Previous litter of Petite Goldendoodles by clicking HERE 


See Meg (petite golden doodle (50% poodle) with a previous litter of miniature golden retriever babies below: