Teddy Bear Goldendoodle

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Teddy Bear Goldendoodles!!

What is a Teddy Bear Goldendoodle?

 a) It is Simple....a goldendoodle that looks like a teddy bear. ;o) Actually it is an English cream Golden and a poodle mix. Some of ours will only be 97% golden (slightly smaller than a pure golden because we use a miniature golden mom) Most of our Litters will be 50/50 Golden retriever X Standard Poodle.

How big does a Teddy Bear Golden Get?

 a) Likely between 45-65 lbs at maturity depending upon the mating.

What is the temperament like of a teddy bear goldendoodle?

 a) Just like a Teddy Bear. Soft, mellow, .... gentle and SO cuddly!

What is their "typical" energy level? (AKC goldens being a 3 and labs a 5)

 a) 1-3 for typical energy

Are they a pure bred dog?

 a) No. This is a golden retriever poodle mix. 

Are they AKC registered?

 a) Not at this time. Goldendoodles are a mix not a pure bred dog.

Do you require a spay and neuter contract?

 a) Yes, we require all of our puppies to be spayed and neutered.


What is the cost? (Josey current litter)  M-$900 F- $1000 


A) Teddybear Goldendoodles with 100% English Cream (Kokomo) & 100% White Standard poodle (Josey)


 PLEASE SEE OUR "START HERE" PAGE to get some of your questions answered. 


Josey X Kokomo Female above: SOLD

Puppies born 2/13/19

Likeley to mature 40-60 lbs

1 male $900

2 females $1000

Mellow easy going personalities.

They will likely lighten up in color.