Petite labradoodle puppies

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 Petite Labradoodle Puppies!!

We have decided to do about 1-3 litters per year of Petite labradoodle puppies.

The Petite Labradoodle is bred the same way as the Petite Goldendoodle. Only using the miniature lab as our momma and our miniature golden retriever as the momma for the goldendoodles. We have been raising mini labs and mini goldens for many years so it just makes sense that we should do some doodles here and there as well.

We will be accepting deposits for petite labradoodle litters for 2019

The way this will go is: 1st deposit = 1st choice. We will breed the litters based upon how many deposits we have.

We have at least two planned litters that the mating will likely occur between 1/31/19 - 6/1/19

Puppy prices will vary based on coat type, color, gender and size. Petite labradoodle puppies will range in price from $450-$800

Place a $50 non refundable deposit to be placed on our list. We will notify you when a litter is a couple weeks old. That helps us to ensure that we have a good momma before getting your hopes up.

At 4 weeks of age, you will confirm if you want to be on that litter. If so, you send the other half of the deposit. ($50)

1 week later at 5 weeks, you will need to choose your puppy. Puppies are ready to go to their homes at 8 weeks.










Sunshine 28 lb miniature lab momma pictured below:

Very happy bubbly personality in a small little package!